Microcurrent is the application of frequency specific electrical currents to the injured part of the body. Microcurrent Therapy helps injured tissue heal faster and provides relief from pain caused by injury or chronic conditions. Microcurrent therapy is most valuable when combined with your individualized exercise program and manual therapy sessions.

What are some of the conditions that Microcurrent Therapy can treat?

* Achilles Tendonitis

* Adhesions

* Back Pain

* Bell’s Palsy

* Bone Fractures

* Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

* Chronic Pain

* Fibromyalgia

* Headaches

* Joint Pain/Instability

* Osteoarthritis

* Neuromuscular Pain/Inflammation

* Peripheral Neuropathy

* Post-Surgery Pain

* Scar Tissue

* Sciatica

* Sports Injuries

* Sprains/Strains

* TMJ Pain

* Tennis Elbow

* Wound Healing (as related to surgical incision)